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Bratling's Lois and Clark Story Index

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Welcome to Metropolis, New Troy. One day a scruffy reporter looking for a job came to Metropolis from Smallville, Kansas. His name was Clark Kent, and his alter ego, Superman, would one day become the most famous man in the world. The young reporter had traveled all over the world,helping where he could with his special abilities. He was a man alone, not knowing where he came from or even what he was. Sure, he LOOKED human, but he had never met another human being who could dowhat he could.

He applied for work at the Daily Planet, where after a little bit of effort, he was hired and partnered with Lois Lane. "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" is not really the story of an alien who chose to live among humans, but a very human man who happened to be born on another planet and chose to use his abilities to benefit mankind. It's the story of a man who found his true love, his soulmate, and would never be whole without her again. We watched their romance unfold on our television screens and fell in love with the characters and their rather unconventional courtship. Lois and Clark were married on screen October 6, 1996 and FoLCs watched as they started their married life and started talking about having children before the final cliffhanger.

"Lois and Clark" was my first fandom heartbreak. After a few years of being in the top twenty-five of the ratings, Disney (curse you, Eisner!) acquired ABC in the fourth season. In a determined campaign to acquire the timeslot for another show, they moved it around without telling the fans where it was and eventually reneged on the promised fifth season. The writers and actors encouraged fans to go on. And so "Lois and Clark" continues to live on through fan stories.

There were three different virtual series, one Unintentional Round Robin fifth season, one Unaired Fifth Season, and one more that ran through a Season Five and a Season Six. Other people continued to write stories, and some of us started writing "Next Generation" stories that included Lois and Clark's children. I am one of those authors.

I've recently been asked to host some of my friends' stories. This is a first, and this section is still very much under construction. The only working links are the ones with the 'new' icon beside them.

The Rose Series

A Rose for Superman
Whatever became of the rose that Lois gave Superman?

A Rose of a Different Color
Clark tries to tell Lois something.

A Rose for a New Life
Lois tries to break some news to Clark.

The Hunter Series

Hunter's Moon
LaCroix goes hunting with interesting results.

Hunting Weather
LaCroix goes hunting again.

Hunter's Vengenance
Lacroix goes hunting, this time in search of vengeance.

The Forever and All Eternity Series

Searching for hearts' desire.

WAFFy tale of discovering secrets.

A Christmas Eve Lullaby
Bedtime for baby Kiley

A Forever Kissmass Carol
Playtime on Christmas Eve with Clark and Kiley

Christmas with the Kents
The Christmas before F&AE I

Slice of Life
A small piece of life from the Kent family.

An evening with the Kents.

Forever and All Eternity I: Fate
What if the New Kryptonians hadn't come until 2003?

Forever and All Eternity II: Kismet
What if the New Kryptonians hadn't come until 2003?

Forever and All Eternity III: Destiny Coming Soon!
What if the New Kryptonians hadn't come until 2003?

The Lost and Found Series

Little Girl Lost
A lost, abused, and frightened little girl searches for a home.
PG-13 Nfic

Innocence Lost
Sequel to Little Girl Lost. A serial killer is stalking the children of Metropolis.

A Kiss Goodbye
Lois deals with loss.

Plot Untwists

All Spotted Up

Correcting One's Own Mistakes

Unloaded Weapon

You Can't Win Them All

Miscellaneous Shorts

Pyrometric Critique
Do yourself a favor and don't read this. It was my first attempt at a long story, and it's bad. Really bad.

Change of Heart
The only TOGOM rewrite I will ever do. Too many rewrites of it.

A Smallville Interlude
Lois and Clark got to Smallville for the weekend.

Play With Me
WAFFy little tale with Lois, Clark, and a pigpen.

The Letter
The original script of Man of Steel Bars called for Clark to leave a letter for Lois. This is my take on if that really happened.

Deathfic. You have been warned.

Allfur: A Lois and Clark Fairy Tale
Okay, so you mix four or five different fairy tales with Lois and Clark, and this is what you get.

On The Bright Side
The most unlikely crossover ever.

UST Has Left the Building Third Place Pretender Fic Awards 2004 Best Crossover
This is what you get from a multi-fandom writer with sleep deprivation.

For my nfic stories, click here.

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