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BrightFeather's Star Wars Story Index

Star Wars. Good versus evil in a fight to control the galaxy. Who can resist that? I sure can't! I've found that I prefer the time before the Saga and during the first half of the Saga, even though I like the Original Trilogy better. It might sound a bit confusing, but the thing is, I like the idea of being able to prevent everything--including the Purges. When The Phantom Menace came out, I fell in love with the possibilities that were offered to the fans. For me, it became a big "What if" which I have a tendency to explore in my stories...

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Before the Saga

In Sickness And...
An answer to the Qui-Gon Mush Challenge. While this probably belongs in Saga, it was original posted to Before... :) Qui-Gon worries about his sick apprentice. AU, no pairings.

'Round the Twist
Written for the Ridiculously Specific #8, AU, Qui/Shmi, Obi, baby Ani, OCs. I still can't believe I managed to get all of this in.

Qui-Gon's First Apprentice Series

In which we meet Qui-Gon's first padawan as a very small, precocious toddler. Non-canon, OCs.

The Morning After the Night Before
For all of those who asked what happened after Waiting, this follows immediately afterwards.

Just to See You Smile
Hanah is five and Qui-Gon is having a bad day.

Twilight and Evening Bell
Post-TPM. Grown-up Jedi Master Hanah Kratren can't ignore a call for help through the Force.

The Saga

Written for the Purges challenge on TheForce.net, the aftermath of Order 66 and the purges. YMMV, as this is a writer's piece.

The Prisoner
Young Anakin Skywalker has been missing for a year. Where has he been, and will his worried Master, Qui-Gon, ever find him? AU, no pairings.

Bless The Child (WIP)1 2 3
Would things have been different if Qui-Gon had survived and become Anakin's Master? Would Darth Vader ever exist?

What Price, Freedom? (WIP) 1 2
What if, determined not to be sent back to slavery on Tatooine after Qui-Gon's death, Anakin had run away? AU, no pairings.