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Sheila Harper's Lois and Clark Story Index

Sheila Harper is one of the most gifted writers in the fandom. We don't see enough from her anymore, because she's currently working on a publishable novel, and she is missed. What can I say? Jenni started something when she asked to be hosted! I asked Sheila if she'd like her stuff to be here because, frankly, I'm a huge fan. So here it is; all of it. If you don't like George and Lynn, well, you don't have to read them. All the nfic will be password protected as soon as I set up the password entry page for her.

Virtual Seasons

Season Five

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Space Station Prometheus is in trouble. Saving the station should be easy, right?

Season Six

A Walk in My Shoes
Combine a mad scientist, Asabi's mystic stone, and Lois and Clark and what do you get? A story in which Lois and Clark learn what it's really like to take a walk in each other's shoes.


Mxyzptlk is up to his old tricks. Find out what happens when he starts granting wishes... even unintentional ones.

Charity Fanzine

In The Beginning
What if Clark had waited a year to come to Metropolis? What if Lois had actually married Luthor and completely lost her career with the Planet?

Other Stories

A Shot In The Dark
Arguably the best Lois and Clark hurt/comfort ever written. When a madman bent on revenge takes away what most of us take for granted, how can Lois and Clark cope and how well can their still-new marriage survive?