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BrightFeather's Pretender Story Index

There are Pretenders among us.

Geniuses with the ability to become anyone they want to be.

In 1963, a corporation known as the Centre isolated a young Pretender named Jarod and exploited his genius for their research.

Then one day, their Pretender ran away...

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Welcome to the world of hunter and hunted. A world where a man has the ability to become anyone he wants to be. People with his abilities are known as Pretenders. In 1996, Jarod ran away when he found out how his research had been twisted for evil purposes.. Despite being hunted by Miss Parker, who though untrained, is a Pretender in her own right, Jarod is still at large. He defends the weak and abused, obtains justice for those that are beyond help, and discovers the world one kind of junk food and toy at a time.

Miss Parker, Sydney, and Broots are the main team in charge of his pursuit. Parker was initially offered her freedom from the Centre in exchange for catching him. She heads the team as the one with one of the strongest connections to him. Jarod and Parker were best friends and childhood sweethearts. She was the first girl he ever saw, and the first one he ever kissed. Despite everything, Jarod continues to return to her, and she can't quite manage to catch him and send him back to the hell he escaped from. Sydney was Jarod's mentor and father figure all rolled into one. Responsible for Jarod's training, it was Sydney who gave him the moral compass to survive on the outside. Jarod still turns to his old mentor when he needs advice. Broots is a computer expert, and it is through his efforts that the Scooby gang often find clues to Jarod's whereabouts... after he's gone.

These are stories of The Pretender from a wishy-washy Jarod/Parker shipper.

Nominated 2003 "Best New Author."

Fate Worse Than Death by Ginger Nominated 2004 Best R-NC-17
Yes, I know I don't usually host other author's stories. But Ginger needed someplace to stick this since Phoenix Fiction is down, and I volunteered. This is her reaction to Andrea Parker's new look. Funny, silly, sexy, and, knowing the Centre, completely plausible.

Relization by Art Nominated 2004 Best R-NC-17
A smutty little Pretender story.

Eternity's Children Nominated 2004 Best Short Story and Best Portrayal of Jarod
While on a pretend, Jarod sees something that brings back bad memories.

Season of Hope Nominated 2004 Best Vignette
Two lonely people come together at Christmas.

UST Has Left The Building Third Place 2004 Best Crossover
Four-way crossover. A multi-fandom author gets fed up and tries to fix things.

A Kiss To Build Dreams On Nominated 2003 "Best Romance."
They say a kiss is just a kiss... or is it?

Alone In the Night Nominated 2003 "Best Vignette"
A nightmare.

Late Night Confessions Nominated 2003 "Best Portrayal of Jarod"

Two people rediscover their friendship and keep the nightmares away.

Nighttime Epiphanies (WIP) Nominated 2003, 2004 "Best Unfinished."
A response to the clone challenge.
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