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October 1, 2007-- Haven't listed my updates for a while now. My HP archive is almost complete, and my SW archive should be up soon as well. The link to the Star Wars stories does not yet work, y'all. And the JAG bear uniform page is coming; I just can't remember where I put it! I have six more chapter pages for For Duty and Honor before I'm current and can start creating the proper graphics for my Star Wars archive. Now that I've figured out how to add more buttons to the main page, I might do something with all of the story recs that one of my friends and I have started accumulating, too. Nore stuff is on its way...

November 17, 2005-- Well, somehow my updates page got trashed, so I'm starting over.  Sheila's PG archive is complete.  I'll be updating Nan's soon.  I've added a story fairly recently to the JAG index.  I also put all the awards on it; the ones with text haven't had graphics made for them yet, I'm still waiting for the Awards coordinators to finish them.  I'm working on getting the Bear Uniforms page up, and if anyone else wants uniforms for their Harm and Mac Bears, I'll be putting up and order form for doll clothing soon.  I'm also in the process of redesigning the My Child doll page to make it look better.  And depending on how far I get into it, there may be a Star Wars page coming soon.