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Nan Smith's Lois and Clark Story Index

Nan Smith is the undisputed queen of series in Lois and Clark fanfiction. IMHO, she's among the best writers in the fandom. She's also my biggest nagger! I'm glad that she's one of my friends, and for ease of reading said series, I asked if she'd like to have her stories hosted here. She's rewriting some of the earlier ones for this little archive, so this page is very much under construction.

The Dagger Series

Dagger of the Mind
What might have happened if Clark had shattered the Nightfall asteroid only to discover that a mixed chunk of red and green Kryptonite was buried inside?

Dagger's Edge
Clark loses his memory in the middle of a crisis, and Lois steps in to help track down the bad guys.

Assassin's Dagger
Clark's friend, Prince Khalim of Tanzanika, is coming of age, but someone may be plotting to kill him. What is Lois Lane to do when her husband disappears while investigating the possible assassination plot, and the assassin may be the man who has the Nightfall Meteorite that can steal Superman's memories?

In this conclusion to the episode "Family Hour," Lois is haunted by a stalker; meanwhile someone has been making attempts on Clark's life. Evidence suggests that it's connected to their new adopted son, CJ, but what is the connection, and will the couple uncover it in time to save their lives?

Blind Man's Bluff
Picking up in the aftermath of the author's "Doppleganger, it's just another day in the life of Lois and Clark when Lois is kidnapped and Clark is incapacitated by a deadly Kryptonite spray . . . but will this day prove to be their last?

Lois, Clark and Jimmy race against time when terrorists threaten the United States with a deadly gas which can even affect Superman

As Lois figures out the important things in her life, a bomber threatens lives throughout the city.

Vanishing Act
The birth of Lois and Clark's first child is sure to be a thrilling event. Especially when it coincides with an important investigation.

In their latest investigation Lois and Clark go undercover with the assistance of Jimmy, completely unaware of the adversary they are about to face.

Lois and Clark's son, CJ, is beginning to develop some abilities he didn't expect.

Unforseen Consequences
An old enemy turns up unexpectedly. But this time they're not only after Superman.

Christmas in Metropolis
A Christmas story told from CJ Kent's point of view.

Daddy's Little Girl
Marta Kent is the only girl in her family, and she's noticed her dad and older brother are always disappearing, without taking her along. Is it because she's just a girl? The answer to her question is a little more than she expected.

Ellen Lane's suspicions regarding Clark lead her to far more than she ever bargains for.

Mother's Day (WIP)
1 2 3 4
CJ Kent notices someone following him. Is Bureau 39 active again and after special kids like him?

The Home Series

Years in the future, a talented journalism student meets the new superhero in Metropolis. What she doesn't know is that he's been waiting for her, because true love never dies.

Home II: Beginnings
Lori Lyons, a 21-year-old woman with the soul of Lois Lane, starts work at the Daily Planet News Service, and quickly finds herself enmeshed in a web of intrigue and treachery as terrorists try to sabotage the starship which her brother is to captain. Fortunately, Lori has friends and allies, including her disturbingly attractive co-worker Clark Kent -- and Superman and his family!

Home III: Memories
Lori and Clark grow closer together as they report on the theft of the Westhaven diamonds. But will Clark be able to tell Lori about his past before it's too late?

Home IV: Honeymoon
Lori and Clark investigate campus drug murders while settling into their new marriage.

Home IVa: A Valentine Vignette
A charming vignette. Clark arrives home to find a sobbing Lori.

Home: A Christmas Story
Clark and Lori have their hands full, juggling relatives, food and burglars.

Home: On the Fourth Day of Christmas
Uma Kent has plans for Clark. Will she succeed? At the same time Lori and Clark have an announcement to make.

Home: New Year's Wishes
There is reason to celebrate in this family vignette, and there are a few surprises for Lori, too.

Home V: Obsession
Lori and Clark are on the trail of a serial killer, who may, in fact, be an old friend of Lori's. As in typical Lois style, the intrepid Lori becomes the killer's next mark. Are they getting a bit too close to their story?

Home: Circle of Fate (WIP)
1 2 3 4
Lori and Clark await the birth of their first child when disaster strikes--Lori is kidnapped... but not by an ordinary kidnapper. Will she ever manage to get home?

The Night Series

A Night at the Office
An alternate version of the episode "Fly Hard." Timing is everything, they say, and if the timing had been just a little different, Lois Lane might have learned a lot more than just what it was like to be a hostage.

Strange Relationships
Lois and Clark deal with the repercussions of the revelations from that 'Night.'

Best Laid Plans
Lex has escaped from prison and is determined to get what is his: Lois.

New Year's Eve
Lois spends a New Year's Eve with the Kents in Smallville.

The Mystery Series

Lois and Clark find themselves involved in more than they bargained for when sent to review Mystery Mansion's Charity Fundraiser.

Getting to Know You
In this rewrite of the episode Top Copy, Lois learns more about her "super" partner as the two of them deal with Diana Stride's attempt to kill a government witness -- and them as well.

Lois and Clark try to keep their developing relationship on track while dodging tabloid "reporters" and trying to nail Intergang.

The Nightfall Series

Four Days to Nightfall
What should Lois Lane do when she accidentally discovers a naked man with no memory in Centennial Park? In this Elseworld fic, she takes him home to the Daily Planet, of course, and tries to figure out just who and what he is.

This begins two days after "Charlie" deflected Nightfall, thereby saving the Earth from destruction. There is no Superman yet, and Clark Kent has just been hired at the Daily Planet...

Buried Secrets
Lois and Clark pursue the shadowy figure behind several criminal schemes as their relationship continues to deepen. Meanwhile, Clark's alter ego makes a splash in his debut, but secrets from the past could bring trouble for the reporting duo.

The Hottest Team in Town
All of Metropolis is curious about its new superhero, while Lois and Clark are hot on the trail of Metropolis' biggest crime boss. But just who is on their trail?