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Miscellaneous Stories

This is where all the stuff that doesn't fit on the other pages goes. Crossovers and original stories will eventually all go here.

Star Trek: VoyagerSugar and Spice
My silly little take on how to fix what TPTB has so badly screwed up. C/7, yeah right!

Lois and Clark/Forever Knight

Hunter's Moon
LaCroix goes hunting with some interesting results.

Hunting Weather
Another hunting trip.

Hunter's Vengeance
LaCroix goes hunting again, this time in search of revenge.

Lois and Clark/Monty Python

On the Bright Side
One of the most messed-up and unlikely songfics ever.

Lois and Clark/The Pretender/Forever Knight/JAG

UST Has Left The Building Third Place 2004 Pretender Fanfic Awards Best Crossover
A multifandom writer on sleep deprivation.


My one and only Smallville fic.
Meteor, Redux Third Place 2004 Smallville fic awards, Best Comedy
I never meant for this to be comedy, but I guess it is. Very black comedy. Multiple character deaths.