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My guess is that if you've found yourself here, you've come to read some of my stories.  Welcome, and I'm glad you found this spot.  My name is Laura, but my favorite name to answer to is Bratling.  I'm an English: Creative Writing Fiction and an Art major where I live.  Where, you say?  Well, that would be telling.  ;)  I'll be in grad school for creative writing next year, and what I really want to do is to be a real, published writer.  I think I can do it, and my teachers agree with me.

My hobbies are writing, creating art, and collecting Lois and Clark stuff.  I've got a rather large collection that includes call sheets, lots of promotional pictures, a press kit, magazines, watches, all the books, and two copies of the comic book. Am I obsessed?  Hm... maybe a little.  ;)