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Ann McBride's Lois and Clark Fanfiction

Ann McBride has been a good friend of mine for a long time. She's the founder of the grammar police and a wonderful writer. Unfortunately, we don't see Lois and Clark fanfiction from Ann any longer because she's moved on to JAG. She's missed in Lois and Clark because we simply don't have many great writers anymore.

More Than Partners

A Really Strange Visitor
In this rewrite of the episode "Strange Visitor," Clark gets a little help investigating the Bureau 39 threat from someone who has discovered his secret: Lois Lane.

A Greener Glow of Home
Lois and Clark find more than an EPA cleanup at a farm in Smallville. Their relationship seems poised to move forward, but an old enemy may have other plans for their futures.

Triangle Series

A Triangle Built For Two
Clark and Lois simultaneously come to a realization that they need to discuss their relationship. However, an abduction takes their attention away from their personal lives for a while.

Growing Pains
This rewrite of the episode "Top Copy" and takes place three months after A Triangle Built For Two. It finds Lois and Clark working out a few of the details of their relationship while dealing with the threat that Diana Stride poses to Clark and Superman.

Lois and Clark have a new investigation on a controversial subject -- alleged racism in the Metropolis Police Department. In the meantime, they must decide where their relationship is going.

Short Stories

Why One Should Never Miss Meetings
Clark comes home to tell Lois about a meeting she missed.