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Matchmaker, Matchmaker

by LauraBF

Disclaimer: Mine, all mine! /me laughs evilly. I stole them from TPTB, so they're mine, mine I tell you! /me struggles against the men in the plain white coats as they try and put a straightjacket on her. Okay, okay, I'll behave. *pout* They aren't mine, but they can have my Monty Python posters for them. This story is, however, mine, and they *can't* have it! MWAHAHAHAHA!


12 February 2004

0100 Zulu

Harm's Apartment

North of Union Station

Harm stared at the card and chocolates that were sitting on the table. It was a bad idea; a *really* bad idea. He picked up the card and flipped it open, staring at the simple words on the inside. He hadn't been able to resist the Valentines Day card; it had a yellow biplane on the front, and he'd gotten a pen and written "Sarah" on the picture. She'd said 'never', and no meant no. He *couldn't* act on it, but something in him just couldn't give up the flickering hope that someday, there would be a future for him and one Sarah Mackenzie.

He tossed the card back on the coffee table with an expression of disgust, then slouched down on the couch. He was pathetic, hoping for something that would probably never happen because he'd been too chicken to give her the words. Well, maybe he hadn't been too chicken, not really, but everybody he'd ever said those words to were either dead or gone. He was forty years old, and the only person he had in his personal life wouldn't stick around for long; it was only a matter of time before Mattie would go back to her biological father.

Harm looked up as a key turned in the lock. Mattie walked in, dumped her backpack and smiled. "Hey, Harm," she said cheerfully. "You promised that you'd help with my math homework tonight, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember, kiddo," he answered, pushing the Valentines Day gifts aside and motioning to Mattie to join him.

Mattie walked over and picked up the card. "What's this, Harm?" she asked.

"A mistake," he said, trying to snatch it back.

Mattie jumped back so that he missed, and began to examine the card. A slow smile spread over her face as she read what was inside. "Give it back, Mattie," he said, "it belongs in the trash."

"But it's cute, Harm," Mattie protested. "If you're going to throw it away, can I have it?"

Harm nodded, then slouched further down on the couch. "Take the chocolates, too; you and Jen can eat them."

"Thanks, Harm," Mattie gave him a hug, then appropriated his bad idea. "Um… there's something I've been meaning to ask; I've got a school project coming up, and I kinda need to get some supplies for it. Harm, can I borrow your credit card again? Jen is going shopping tonight, and she offered to take me with to get my stuff."

Harm dug his wallet out of his back pocket, pulled out a credit card, and handed it to Mattie. "Be careful, all right?"

Mattie tucked the credit card in her pocket and smiled. "Okay," she picked up the box of chocolates and headed towards the door.

"Mattie--what about your math homework?" he asked.

"Jen should be leaving real soon, so I'll do it when I get back."

"Remember, kiddo, your curfew is at ten," he said.

"Yes, *Dad*," Mattie said, rolling her eyes at him. She walked out of the apartment, locking the door behind her, and headed next door. "Jen?" she called as she pushed open the door.

Jen walked out of the kitchen, drying her hands off on a kitchen towel. "Yeah, Mattie?"

"You've *got* to see this," she said, handing over the card.

Jen opened it, and her eyes widened. "Wow," she said. "After last spring, I *knew* he had to feel something like this, and I've seen the way he looks at her when he thinks that nobody is watching, but…"

"I know. We've *got* to give this to Colonel Mackenzie." Mattie pulled Harm's credit card out of her pocket. "I say that we use this to get her a dozen roses, then deliver them with this box of chocolate, and the card." She grinned mischievously as she balanced the chocolates on the back of the couch. "They'll thank us, later."

"I dunno, Mattie," Jen said dubiously. "They *are* my superior officers, and I really shouldn't be meddling in their personal lives."

"Come *on*, Jen," Mattie said. "If this blows up in our faces, *I'll* take the blame, but if it works out the way it *should*, it won't matter."

Jen nodded, then reached for the phone. "I know the number for a florist… the Admiral had me order flowers for his ex-fiancée from them several times."

Mattie handed Jen the credit card, and grinned. "I only wish I didn't have school tomorrow so that I could be there to watch."

Jen smiled. "I'll try and take pictures," she promised. "Work is liable to be *really* interesting tomorrow."


13 February 2004

1500 Zulu

JAG Headquarters

Falls Church, Virginia

Mac shuffled through another stack of papers and sighed. Clay was pretty much gone from her life as anything but a friend, and Valentines Day was tomorrow. If she hadn't told him 'never', perhaps their relationship would be in a different, better place. She had thought about getting him something for the holiday, but as it was, they were barely even friends anymore.

It wasn't completely her fault, but she had to admit that a lot of it was. In trying to force a confession of his true feelings from him, she had only managed to drive him further from her… again. Mac looked up as Coates walked in, carrying a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolate. "Delivery for you, ma'am," she said.

"Thank you, Coates," Mac said as Coats set the flowers and candy down on her desk and left the room quickly.

Mac pulled the card out from the flowers and looked at it. "Open the chocolate," was all the note said. She opened the box of chocolate, and pulled out a card. The front had a yellow biplane on it with the caption, "You flew away with my heart." She opened it and was surprised to see a note in Harm's familiar, blocky handwriting. "Dear Sarah," it read. "I saw this, and I couldn't resist. Ninja Girl, I know that no means no, and never means never, but I probably won't ever give you this card, so I might as well come out and write this. I haven't said this in a long time, so… I, um, love you, okay? And not in a best friend/brother sort of way, either. You stole my heart a long time ago, and if you don't want it, I'd like it back. Love, Harm."

Mac's eyes widened and she walked quickly out of her office and towards Harm's. For once, it was probably a good thing that he'd been stuck into the smallest, most out of the way office in headquarters; there would be fewer prying eyes because of it. She knocked on the door once, and entered. "Harm?" she said, holding up the card. "Did you mean this?"

Harm's eyes widened, and he glanced at the card, then back at her. "Where did you get that?" he asked, his face turning red.

"It was delivered to my office," she answered. "You mean you didn't send it?"

He shook his head, then looked down at his desk. "I was going to toss it, but Mattie said that she wanted to keep it," he admitted.

Mac smiled. "I'm glad she did, and we can get even with her later. What I want to know, is… do you mean what's written on the inside of this card?"

Harm took a deep breath, then nodded. Mac walked around his desk, then caressed his cheek. "Good," she said, "because I feel the same way." She leaned down and kissed him.

The kiss started as tentative, but soon escalated as Harm stood up and pulled her body close to his. It was a new beginning for them, and neither doubted where it would lead, to a future for them together.