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Lois and Clark

General Reference Links

Zoomway's Lois and Clark Superman reference page
Lois and Clark Messageboards
Lois and Clark Fantasy Land Pages
DVD Campaign
The Townhouse
Holy Kryptonite! It's Lois and Clark
Super Sarah's Mini Metropolis
FoLC Central
Lane Kent
Lori's Lois and Clark Magazine Archives
The Superman Homepage

Actor's Sites

The Cain Connection
Teri Hatcher.net

Fanfiction Sites

Lois and Clark Fanfic Archive
Virtual Season 5
Virtual Season 6
The Unintentional Fifth Season
The Continuing Adventures of Lois and Clark
FoLC Obsession Page

The Pretender

General Links:

The Pretender Index

The Centre: Data Annex

Jeremy's Ultimate Pretender Website

The Original Pretender "Keeper" sites loop

Fanfiction Archive Links:

The Pretender Virtual Series

The New Pretender Fiction Archive

Miss Parker's Most Wanted

Pretender Smut Archive

Shaddyr's Eclectic Collection

Phoenix Fiction

Pretender Recommendations Site

The Pretender Awards

Author's sites.

Elliot Silver's tP fic

Gables' Pretender fanfic

Imagine Lisa

Jill Kirby's Site

KB's Pretender Fanfic

MMB's Reading Corner

M. Rose's Pretender fanfic

Phenyx's Pretender Index

Project Silence

Red Notebooks

Forever Knight

General Forever Knight Sites

Bev Freed's Forever Knight Page
Beck's Forever Knight Page
The Dark Knight Lair
DCE's Forever Knight Page
Dragon's Lair Studios
Eve's Forever Knight Videos
The First Unofficial Forever Knight Website
Forever Knight Episode Guide
Forever Knight Episode Transcripts
Fran's Forever Knight Page
The Graveyard
Kristin's Forever Knight Image Archive
Kristin's Geraint Wyn Davies Page
LaCountess' Forever Knight Haven
Lady Nay's Forever Knight Site
Llarian's Lair
Mr. Happy's Forever Knight Site
Sci-Fi Channel's Forever Knight Page
Tsym's Forever Knight Site
Victor Roscetti's LaCroix Page

Fan Fiction Archives

FK FTP Fan Fiction Site
Jadfe Archives [Adult]
FK Poetry and Filk Archive
Forever Knight Virtual Fourth Season
Dark Knightie Fanfic Archive
The DarkNN Fiction Archive
The DarkNP Fiction Archive

Fan Fiction by Author

Amanda Berendt
Amy K. Rambow
Arletta Asbury
Boonie Rutledge
Cousin Lee
David Duncan
Deanie's FK Fanfic
DCE (Claudia Bart)
Deborah A. Hymon
Diane Harris
Dorothy Elggren
Emily Hanson
Fran Glass
Illinois Jules
Jarvinia's Lair
Jill Kirby
J.L. Kerr
Judith Freudenthal
Karen Gunther
Kathy Walsh
KC Smith
Knightraven (Kylie Coleman-Tucker)
Kyer en Ysh
LJC (Tara O'Shea)
Loose Cannon
Lorelei Sieja
Mary Lou Manzie
Maureen Wynn
Mel Moser
Nancy Taylor
Nancy W
Patty Costantino
Runts (Barb and Pat Roman)
Stacy Atchison
Stormborn (Molly Schneider)
Sunny LaCountess
Susan M. Garrett

Fic War Archives

Wars 1-4 - at fkfanfic.com
War 5
War 6 - letter writting campaign, I've been told
War 7
War 8 - at fkfanfic.com
War 9 (also an explanation of the wars)
War 10 - at the FK ftp site
War 11 - at Yahoo! groups


General Sites


Paramount Studios

USA Networks

JAG Review

Spoiler Fix

Beaverlo's JAG page

Charmer's JAG page

JAG Lair

Fanfic Archives

JAG Virtual Season

Friends of JAG

Ex Libris

Between The Lines

JAGnik Fanfic

Under The Covers

JAG Awards

Individual Authors


Ali Cherry


Ann McBride



Charlestonian Romantic

Chris Gomez

CRene's JAG Heaven


Daphne's JAG Fanfiction Headquarters


HJB's JAG Fanfic

Jackie's JAG Site

Sarah Brown's JAG Fanfic

Nimue's Relm

Once Upon a Rose Garden

Red Rock Mesa


Masumi Marine's Fanfic Quarters

Mel's Heaven

LRM's Site

TR's Site

Siamese Cat's JAG page

Manette's Fiction Site

Valerie's Fiction Archive

Love Knows No Bounds/JAGged Hearts