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Cindy Leuch's Lois and Clark Story Index

Cindy's been a friend of mine for a long time. She's one of the most outspoken members of the Lois and Clark fanfic community, and has given me the courage to speak up more than once. I'm privileged to have her as a friend. I'm currently her beta reader, and she's been known to beta read for me, as well. She's IMHO, one of the most talented writers in the fandom.

Dawn Of Discovery Series

The Dawn of Discovery
As Lois and Clark's fifteen-year-old son Jon works his way through a shocking discovery about himself and his parents, he learns what it really means for a father to be a hero to his son.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Clark's youngest son CJ interns as "Robin" for his dad's friend, Batman, in Gotham City. While there, he learns the ups and downs of being a superhero, dealing with another identity, and trying to hide his secret identity from the new love of his life. How would he have ever guessed that being a superhero could be so complicated?

Professional Loyalties
When she finally meets her son CJ's girlfriend, Lois takes an instant liking to Jenny, most likely because she has Lois's nose for journalism -- and trouble. The two women soon find themselves in over their heads in a local university scandal, and with his dad and brother tending to superhero duties out of the country, it's up to CJ to save his mom and girlfriend.

Personal Loyalties
Metropolis' superheroes are faced with a deadly threat against their family and betrayal as loyalties are tested to the limit.

It Runs In The Family
When you're 15 years old, sometimes it seems like the whole world is against you. Laura Kent, mild-mannered high school student-to-be, knows that all too well, especially after learning about her family heritage. But she is about to discover that some of the toughest challenges can lead to the biggest successes.

I'll Be You For Christmas
The whole Kent family gets into the act in this Christmas tale that continues the "Dawn of Discovery" series.


Shades of Gray
In my personal favorite of Cindy's Elseworlds stories, Lois, a private investigator, is haunted by past memories. Her meeting with Clark will change their lives forever. They both learn that sometimes things aren't black or white but a shade of gray.

Bolt , From Dubuque
In this alt-world take on the episode "Bolt From the Blue," plain old Kevin Jones is involved in an incident which helps to inspire the creation of our favourite superhero.

Short Stories

Bungee Jumping
Lois Lane decides to take her prudent partner on a new, exciting adventure, but Clark Kent has a surprise in store for her.

After Clark accepts her proposal at the end of the episode "Ultrawoman," Lois reflects on what being with Clark forever means.

My Other Secret Identity
Lois Lane finds out that her mysterious masked companion at a costume party isn't exactly who she thought he was.

Rhapsody in a Blue Sky
Life is hard for an 18-year-old. Especially if you're Clark Kent. But one day, he discovers he can fly, and his life takes a turn for the better. And so he discovers that life maybe isn't all that bad after all...

September 11
This wasn't dealt with enough in Lois and Clark fanfic, IMHO. This is Cindy's personal reflections on the attacks on the twin towers on September 11, 2001.

In this fun little romp, Cindy asks the question, 'What if Lois had found out that CK=S sooner through... alternative means?'

True Partners
Clark and Lois discover that soul mates often bond earlier than they might imagine in this waffy vignette.