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Jenni Debbage's Lois and Clark Fanfiction

One of my best friends and a long-time beta reader, Jenni's been a friend and mentor of mine since I started writing four years ago. She liked my "pretty archive" and asked if I'd consider hosting her stories. I'm working on it! Lois and Clark was a beautiful show, and I think the stories it spawned deserve beautiful surroundings. Jenni agrees with me. ;) So, here are all her stories, with the series in chronological order. None of the links here work yet, but they will soon.

Kent Family stories

New Birth
Lois and Clark investigate a series of child abductions that leads them to a new confrontation with the New Kryptonians -- and endangers the life of their first-born child.

The Huntress' Revenge
Lois and Clark's temporary marital troubles, brought on by a surprise second pregnancy, are put on hold when Clark is abducted by three of his old nemeses and must fight for his life with a little help from his friends.

Sure As One and One Is Two
Clara Kent's premature birth leads to revealing  the beginnings of Clark's love for his newest, most fragile child.

The Master Race
The disappearance of two of their dear friends leads Lois and Clark, along with their children and the elder Kents, to the British countryside, where they encounter a man whose plan for Superman could put the whole family in danger...

Suffer the Little Children
Holiday-season stresses of adjusting to new work and family responsibilities pale for Lois and Clark when their children are threatened by the actions of a terrorist group seeking retribution against Americans. Events are complicated by the couple's new friends and the homecoming of newly-wed Jimmy Olsen.

The Tears of a Clone
A family crisis leads Lois and Clark to sinister occurrences at a local hospital, in a case that every member of the Kent/Lane family is soon mixed up in.

Red Sky
The Kents travel to an island paradise in the hopes of a relaxing vacation, but soon find themselves facing the threat of a volcanic eruption ... without the help of Superman.

Poisoned Legacy
When a couple of villains from Lois and Clark's past arrive in Metropolis, it spells disaster for two of the Kent children. Can their family and friends save Joel and Clara?

A Kent Family Christmas Tale
Having survived Joel and Clara's serious illness, the Kent family is looking forward to a peaceful and happy holiday season. But old foes, a troubled child and a case of puppy love make things more eventful than the family had planned.

Universal Union

Universal Union I
Nineteen-year-old Lois Lane, a student at Metropolis U., is asked by a young man who calls himself Kal-El of the planet Krypton to journey with him across space and become his wife. When Lois accepts and travels to the distant planet, she finds a society at once modern and old-fashioned -- and, of course, plenty of danger and excitement.

Universal Union II
A tragic incident thrusts Kal and Lois-El into the position of First Lord and Lady, and the newlyweds must face the challenge of adjusting to married life while trying to keep peace on Krypton.

Universal Union III, part I
In a continuation of the author's "Universal Union" series, Lois and Kal are faced with new challenges, including charges of treason and a threat to Krypton's security, as they continue their plans to bring new ideas to the society.

Universal Union III, part II
In the conclusion of Book 3, when news reaches Krypton that the evil Rad-Nor has attacked Earth, Lois and Kal must devise a plan to stop him -- a matter complicated by Lois' pregnancy and a traitor within the palace.

Miscellaneous Stories

It's Not the Seconds
In a departure from the author's usual subject matter, this is a rewrite of the third-series episodes "Seconds" and "Forget Me Not."

This Child Belongs To You
When a baby is left in their dining room, Lois and Clark are afraid it's too good to be true, and set out to determine who left the child and why. Their search turns up some surprising results in this episode adaptation following the end of the episode "Family Hour."


A Gift For Life  with StopQuitDon't posted with SQD's permission
When Clark is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Lois suggests a radical plan to save his life. But can their friendship survive the new challenges?